Dmitry White: Candidate for Silver Falls Library District Board


Hello, I'm Dmitry White. I am running for a position on the Silver Falls Library District Board on the May 2021 Ballot.

Some of my fondest memories from childhood are the hours I spent as a middle schooler at the Salem Public Library, set loose to explore and investigate all the knowledge available there at my fingertips. Libraries are one of the few remaining truly free and public spaces, and I wholeheartedly believe that with positive leadership and vision, they can be an extremely valuable community resource—a space for learning, sharing knowledge, and making positive community connections that might otherwise never have been made.

If elected to the Board, I will do everything I can to keep the Silver Falls Library a safe and welcoming space for everyone; and will work to expand access to all the library’s assets, facilities, and programs, for those members of our community who are often marginalized and under-represented.

I would be honored to have the chance to serve the Silverton community and the library district as a director.

Thank you!